Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

White Hunter - How a design becomes a tradition

 So many of you bushheads might have heard of the Puma White hunter knife design, which quickly became very popular in the 1950s. Originally modelled after a design by "Oberforstmeister Frevert", who is largely idealised by German hunters. By the way, that guy was an old Nazi, something to think about if you ask me. The knife, however, has little to do with that, but I think, one should keep that in mind. The design proved popular with generations of outdoorsmen and has proven solid as a rock. In fact, for a long time it was a unique selling point for the Puma corporation, resulting in the fairy tale prices they calculated. As is a tradition in Solingen, there are many corporations who copied it after the trademark license ran out. Boker Solingen was one of them with their "Explorer" lineup of knives, presumably made in Solingen, Spain and Argentinia (Arbolito). Those two knives above and below are from that lineup. I got them dead cheap in a Solingen surplus shop. Blade is 1.4116 steel. Above is an olive wood handle, below one made from ebony.
 The sheath are top grain leather. I really like these knives and would gladly use them if only I were permitted to carry them, for they are too long.
 This is a Weber Bundeswehr pilot´s knife, originally given to Tornado pilots as a survival device and to lever off the cockpit shell in an emergency. For that purpose, it has a differential temper from 57 HRC to 54 HRC tip - to - handle. Burned stag scales and brass bolster I made myself. I also added a convex bevel. It´s more of a cleaver, with a 6 mm spine thickness and 1.4116 steel.
And the original original, Pumaster crucible carbon steel from the first ever production run of the White hunter. I got this one from Mr. Rudolph Broch´s garage in Solingen, which is a paradise for any knifehead;-). Have to mount it sometime... but too many projects...

All in all I find it interesting. In the meantime, the original White hunter design has seen  hundreds of variations, not only in the Puma lineup, but all over Solingen, and even the world. I even saw a Pakistani replica of the knife or a damascus version from Stefan Steigerwald.

There´s a morale in there.

The world is round.

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