Donnerstag, 3. November 2011

Jewellry forging tutorial on Saturday

 On Saturday morning I rode to the smithy to do some forging with Ulla. I got to know her on the "Imkerfest" in Sprockhövel, and she asked if I would teach her to make a fibula.
 Of course I would;-), and this is what came out. I forged the needle, the rest was some collaborative work.
 Then I tutored her forging a wall hanger. She did extremely well, and did it all by herself. We had some jokes, and some very good-natured talk in the progress. Another encounter I feel privileged to have made. I really like those people I get to meet these days, and my life is the richer for it.
 Ulla learning how to use the forge and building a fire. She did well at that, too. That the forge went out while doing the finishing work on the fibula was all my fault... that coal does not keep the fire very good, and I forgot to add some wood to sustain it.
Ah, yes, and some kids dropped by, too, and we forged this snake and a bottle opener.

It was lunchtime when all was said and done. Ulla really enjoyed it, and since she really loves to read fairy tales to children, she will work for the Bethaus also. I look foward to having her as a co-worker!

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