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Mittwoch, 9. November 2011

Last hammer - In of the season in the Industriemuseum Ennepetal

 Last Sunday it was time again to get out the ol´hammer and bash some steel again, so I made for the Industriemuseum smithy to meet up with Willi, Rolf, Daniel, and his girlfriend, Ramona, who made her first acquaintance with blacksmithing there. They just stopped by for a brief visit, for they had a booth at a mineral´s expo which was held nearby, resulting in plenty time to make some projects for ourselves.
 That mad bastard Kai dropped by, too, and that was great, period! He is currently working hard to embarrass me by trying to outperform me. He had some little viking style knives to forge and grind and mind you, they rocked. Forgot to take pics, but hope to provide them soon! They are getting not only "there", but beyond. Makes me proud, sort of... the fire keeps burning!:-)
 Willi doing some brutish work for a change. Note how he uses the hammer´s peen to drive out the material. Good for moving lots of steel at once...
 He had this folder project with him, with an interesting take on the tang, which wraps around the handle. Blade is silver steel. handle is birchwood burl.
 Some of my projects;-). That day was not my best, I have to admit, I ruined a knife by testing, so I stuck to some little projects like a leaf-handle knife from silver steel, the Athamen / Sgian Dhú blade and the little laminate full tang I made some time ago, aaaand.....

something else:-)....

 Toolbox by Willi;-).
 This is a ´hawk Rolf made from an old locksmith´s hammer.
 A reworked Krenzer bush hatchet. We have encountered some problems lately with this otherwise great hatchet. They tend to crack and splinter all over the place when being tempered, something to do with being forged at a temperature too low and inhomogenous, if you ask me. This one came along nicely, though.
 A bigger Krenzer / Rolf Moser viking axe. C 45, as usual.
 A laminate hatchet Rolf made.
 a detail on the house... slight flaw in it, but no harm done...
 Another ´hawk Rolf made. I look forward to the finished hatchet!
 Damascus knife blade Rolf made. Full tang, Zwissler "monster" damascus.
 Kai forging a viking style tang on a spring steel knife.

 A kitchen knife for Serrano bacon Willi made some time ago. Silver steel, 2 mm thin. Props!

 I also did some work on this little EDC Hubertus 440 C blade. Kambhala wood, homemade mosaic pins and  a lanyard hole.

The leaf tanged knife I made from silver steel.
Cars were there, too... and some pretty ones, too: Opel P 4

Fiat Cinquecento...
must I really explain this;-)...?
...or this...?;-)
Historical motorcycles galore;-)...
Ah yes, proper man (and even some women might like it;-)) food....


I took it easy and even had a lunch break, mind you! Had some Bratwürst*ggg* and cake, and a gallon of coffee... nice;-).
In the meantime, this Opel Blitz arrived. This is a car I´d covet, if I were one for coveting cars;-).
Ah, and a "Döner knife" blade for slicing Kebap Willi made some time ago. File steel, 1,5 mm thick. Sick.

It was a great day with great people and less of a stress attack, even relaxing. For next year Willi gave away three identical crap hatchets he got from the grocery store (!) for 3 € and we will do a contest who can make something useful from it the best... I will keep you informed!;-)


  1. Thank you, Gorges, we just keep on trying!:-) Also it is good fun to work with those guys.


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