Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

Pimp ´em Opinels for Chrismas presents;-)

 Now it´s always some sort of challenge to choose the right presents for Chrismas. I found out even people who are normally not into blades much really like those Opinels. I mean, it´s obvious they cut like mad and even serve a great job in the kitchen. To add some personality to it, I love to carve them. It´s quick and easily done, does not impair the function and makes for an absolutely unique knife. The one on the left I made for my uncle, who unfortunately;-) has his birthday on Chrismas, the poor fellow. It´s a No. 9 with a carbon steel blade. The carving is burned with a spruce resin / beeswax / linseed oil finish.
This one now lives in Fritz´ pocket, the "boy";-) friend of my mother. Same finish, but he likes shorter ones, so a No. 8 this time, carbon steel again.

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