Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

Getting along with my sheaths

 Joel suggested a concoction consisting of linseed oil and iron oxide to tan the sheaths. I had some iron oxide left from etching my damascus blades (vinegar, salt and iron oxide) and mixed it with my mixture of beeswax, spruce tar and linseed oil to tan the seam sides of the sheaths. Had no brush to apply it, so it gives a bit of a rustic look as always;-). The red triquetta I coloured with dragon´s blood (daemonoropos draco) and turpentine oil. 
 Will have to see some beeswax still, but almost there.
I am not quite content with the stitching on this one, it went awry when wet-forming the sheath around the knife, which is crucial with this style to keep it in.

Anyway, it will do, and I keep learningg. Special thanks to Joel, who is always ready to share his knowledge... it´s thoroughly appreciated, I am a beginner still.

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