Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

A Happy New Year To you all!

Now it´s that time of year again. Phew! Last time I looked on the calendar, or so it seems, it was Chrismas 2010 and 2011 was yet to come. This year has been a teeter-totter ride for me, as well in terms of my job, my emotional life, my  future plannings and politics and so forth. Seems the world goes downhill ever so much more. Does it indeed? I cannot tell. I do not know what the future will bring. But I know I am a different person than on the dawn of 2011. I have done a lot of forging, have ridden far and wide, have encountered many great adventures, have met many people who have enriched and inspired my life. Sometimes I want to just cling to things as they always were, life is moving ever so fast. For instance, I cling to those old friends I have won in mountainbike riding, and to those old times when we all had more of a ball and not as many worries around. But then this is quite childish, eh? I have met many people, encountered many different ways of life, many alternatives.
But I have never left my path. It is mine, and noone can walk it but me. I have waited a long time for someone coming along this path, but noone came, and thus I realized I had to go myself. it might as well be called something of a spiritual or philosophical quest, but that´s not the entire truth. It´s just life, and I think 2012 will continue that way. I don´t know what I will be doing exactly. I have no preceptions for the new year, for I know these are prone to failure. But I want to do this more properly.

Guess there will be more fits of poetry yet, and more philosophical rants. Cry STOP!!!if it gets on your nerves;-).

Thanks to those folks around, those gals and guys out there with hats and hiking boots, hammers, hatchets, tongs and knives, you foragers, Christians, Pagans, Buddhists, you Scandinavians, Brits, Americans, Germans, Romanians, Hungarians, Polish, Russian and whoever or whatever. I really like the fact that in the blogging scene, people generally respect each other, no matter how weird they may be;-). This gives a lot of hope to me. We are not at all of the same opinion, and chance is, many of you switch off this blog and mutter something like "WEIRDO!" or "HOW can he!?" sometimes, when I gave you a dose of the old Fimbulmyrk rant. I respect you for sticking around nonetheless, giving valuable and honest and respectful input all the time in spite of all that.

And yap, we are a whole world of nationalities out here. And while there is WW III going on, there is still room for respect. And this is the reason I hope for 2012 being a better world made possible, if only a tiny bit. World peace is not necessary, human society would not work without war. But maybe there will be more respecting each other beforehand and in the process.

Have a head start into the new year, and all my best wishes to you!!!!

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