Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011

New sheath for my little Hadseax

 I had no decent sheath for one of my favourite knives, and I had the privilege to have an unreally great crafts evening with the friend of my soul, and I grabbed the opportunity to make a half(:-))- decent sheath at last. The knife helped a lot, and I liked it. It´s always kind of a reality check how good your designs work when tooling leather, It works well, so I guess I got one thing or the other right:-). The sheath is untanned, wet-sculpted leather. The knife design is a bit complicated to make a sheath in this style for it to hold it in properly. I sculpted a groove and made an inlay into it. How it works when the sheath has seen some use remains to be seen. The sheath has yet to be tanned, and the stitching´s a bit sloppy as usual.

Had other things to look at and to distract me*g.

But it keeps the blade in and out of harm´s way.

A total of the knife and the sheath. I braided the belt loop. I´ll maybe give you a tutorial on that later:-).

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