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Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

Mother´s quince jelly with ginger

I had some quince to spare and gave them to my old mother, and chance is, she processed them and coincidentally had some jelly to spare, how come;-)?

This is how she made it:

500 g quince
150 g ginger
650 g pectinous sugar
1 shot ( 2 cl) of rum

Chop the ginger finely. Do the same to the quince, leave the peels on, they contain a high amount of pectine and help in jellying the mass. Cook quince with a little water and reduce to a mass. Add the ginger, cook for about five minutes more. Let it rest for ten minutes. Pass through a sieve. Add the pectinous sugar and cook again. Before filling in vaccuum jars, add the shot of rum. Fill into jars. Done.;-).


  1. Ah, yes, and I am glad she´s still there, and not just for some delicious quince jelly:-). I keep learning from her, and I really love to spend some appropriate time with the rest of my family. Life´s altogether too short to do otherwise.


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