Mittwoch, 7. Dezember 2011

New sheath for my other damascus "rún iaránn":-)

 This is a knife I really like, especially for salami and bacon and snacking in general, and you might be vaguely familiar with it. Zwissler seven-bar damascus and bog oak found in a mine near the Bethaus smithy. But for this one I had no sheath, too, and an unreally great evening crafting with propably the best friend I ever had. Thanks, drui, for the great time!
 The sheath is top-grain veggie-tanned ;-) leather wet-formed around the knife. I had quite a hard time fitting the knife into it, no preforms you know;-). I really start to like this style of sheath. They are lean, relatively fast (albeit not quite easy:-)) to make and keep the knife in like a cinch, even after they have seen some use.
There´s no inlay, but since there are no seams to be cutten through, this should not pose any problems. I like the rustic look of the front seam, too.

The stitching gets slightly better. I have to carve and tan it some, and then it will be ready to carry,

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