Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

The forge under the moon

Bound by copper wire,
Bound by iron locks,
Bound by golden rivets,
In a wooden casket,
Wrought with the copper lock,
Bound by an iron spell, cast
Into the dragon´s roar.

Beneath the moon the steed roars
The stallion fierce it cries,
Beneath the moon an iron casket,
Beneath the moon a copper veil.

It turns, the wheel of silver, round
And round it turns and turns,
Behind a gate of thirteen spokes
Behind a hub of three times nine
Behind a secret threshold,
Behind  a flaming oak.

Roar, my dragon, thrive and dance,
Fly so high, a rampage song,
Under the moon, under the smile
Of the maiden virgin.
Roar, my stallion, fire, high,
Roar, my song, a valiant light.

From the bottom of my cauldron,
To the crown, a light on high,
Be my spell, enchant my body,
Be moon and sun,
Darkness and light.

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