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Samstag, 10. Dezember 2011

Some forging projects

 It has been a while, what with time being short and wiork abundant, but here they come: Some new little fellas. This one wants to be a full tang integral. Silver steel...
 A piece of jewellry, the leaf is already done. I will add a swan´s neck hanger to it, and that´s it. It is spring steel and will be tempered tzo serve as a striker in an emergency...
A blade out of ancient spring steel I found in the woods, with a carbon content of about 0,75%,  almost there. Has to see some homoeopathic dose of grinding;-) still. No grinding whatsoever so far. When ready, there will be less than 1 % of grinding overall. 

Maybe it will get a handle out of stag antler, but I am at it at the moment.


  1. A "striking leaf," now that's a novel idea!

  2. A striking idea, so to say:-). What will "strike" will be the swan´s neck, however...


Now go on, discuss and rant and push my ego;-). As long as it´s a respectful message, every comment is welcome!

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