Mittwoch, 14. Dezember 2011

Some alcohol to drown my winter depression and loneliness in;-)-sloe rum

This is sloe;-) food erm ..rum ;-) I made recently. I took:

3 handful of deep-frozen sloe (obviously not frozen);-)
Caramel (brown) crystalline (Kandis) sugar until the fruit were covered
1 scroll cinnamon
1 knifetip vanilla
Some mild rum  (56 %) to fill up

I covered the sloe, the cinamon and the vanilla with the sugar and let it rest for three days in the sun, or what goes for a sorry excuse of that these days;-). Then filled the rum in. Think it will be done for Chrismas... took a swig already, and it´s almost there.

Hey, I am just taking samples, am I?*ggg*

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