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Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

Viking shopping goodies;-)-the family hoard*ggg*

 In Adventon Histotainment park, Erich, the magic troll and myself got on the loose again and bought a lot of stuff. I got myself a nice ram headed eating knife and a tankard. Erich got imself some birchbark from Yana Lefler, and some fittings and handles for his damascus blades (see below). He´s got the knifemaking bug bad, you see...*ggg*.

 The magic troll got herself this beautiful  needle case.

Oh, the loot.... now we just need a dragon to guard all this;-).


  1. Some lovely loot there Markus! I do like that knife...come to think of it, I like the tankard too! and the needle case! And I just had a peep at the birchbark ans I'll know where to get some for myself...

  2. Ask Yana;-) if you want to buy some prepared bark, she´s a lovely person and surely will help you. Other than that, the Siberian birch will do fine, the one with the papery bark. Take a look at Asrun´s blog, she makes does some really fine things with it.(

    The knife has already payed off;-) for I already forged my first ram head myself, with some mods!;-)

    And the tankard already had its fill of black beer!


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