Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

Towards the Frauenberg ruin-the dreaming stones

 Back to Marburg, we visited the Frauenberg ruin, a very special place for my favourite magic troll. We drove there by car and passed the Elisabeth-chalice. After some searching, we arrived at the trailhead up to the ancient castle ruin, which dates back to the 13th century BC. There were Celtic hillforts before that, and the hill has had a a vivid history. It is situated between the Amöneburg and the Dünsberg hills, all of which have had a Celtic history of settlement. No wonder "Kalle";-), my magic troll, is fond of the region!
 We started the hike up the hill.
 Looking down into the valleys and over rolling hills.
 Kalle saw a tree*ggg*...

 ...the ruin.
 There was an abundance of herbs and important trees growing there, hazel, hawthorne, thyme, sage, and there was a very special atmosphere in the windy air.
 Those ancient places have a slow, deep, breathing atmosphere to them. There the earth itself, and the wind, and fire, and water are prominent.

 Looking across an ancient Celtic kingdom long gone.

 And on the pate of a really loved one!;-) Erich preferred to stay away from the stairs.

 The comtessa in the wind...*ggg*.

 We left with a feeling that was hard to describe. A feeling of content, but not all was content. To me, there also was a certain sadness, a grief lingering around the place... those are stones that dream.
 At the foot of the hill there was this restaurant. First comes morale, then the feast;-), so we had a delicious cuppa coffee and a piece of cake. I really loved the beamwork of that café, more of a castle actually!
It was kinda strange. I cannot quite pin what I actually felt upon that ancient hill. There were deep feelings involved, but they were so deep they were removed from my scrutiny.

What remained was the impression of wind over ancient stones...

... that dream.

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