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Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

Shootin´the monster: Erich´s competition recurve bow

When at Erich´s, my would-be father-in-law;-)´s place, he showed us his competition recurve bow. Erich is German official handicapped persons master in the recurve discipline, and his skill is fearsome!
 Opening the treasure trove...
 Open the box... arrows, quiver, and spare parts galore. The arrows even are made from carbon fibre high tech material, but he also has some more traditional arrows. Apart from that, he would hit with a hazel stick bow and a willow arrow, too...
 This is the bow´s handle, made from anodized aluminium. Certainly not my style, but I admire the technology!
 Here he fits the warps.
 I was pretty amazed how many stabilizers he put on... it looked more of an alien spaceship than a traditional weapon...
 The bow finally mounted and ready for action...
 For those acquainted with the sport, the warps are win2win´s,
 The handle´s a Hoyt.
 Hydraulic carbon fibre dampers... mind you, there are more dampers than on my mountainbike!
 The visor.

Shooting. And the result. Erich had not trained for seven months. Those were the first three shots. Fearsome!

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