Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

A visit to viking paradise - way down South, in Adventon;-)

Last weekend I as way down south in viking paradise. ... er... gone off his rocker, is he?*ggg* With my love ;-)we went to Erich´s place in Prichsenstadt. I was amazed that Erich, the viking, picked us up in Marburg, and then he drove us all the way down to Prichsenstadt, in a car that beeped when it was going at less than 80 km / h;-). Then he drove us all the way to Osterburken, site of Adventon Histotainment Park, where the viking reenactment fair took place.
The park is very interesting, for there a medieval city is built by reenactors, with historical methods and tools, and the process is well documented. Experimental archaeology at its best!
The atmosphere is very special, and you really get the notion that you are involved in a time travel.
Into the city we went, where many booths were set up.
That´s how it looks like there.
On the nearby fields, camp was set up, where people lived life the viking way. Here tablet weaving is demonstrated. People cooked historical meals, wore archaeologically correct attire, got drunk the experimentally archaelogical way*ggg* and had a good time with history work!
And believe me, even if I made fun out of it, it is hard work. Not everyone is made to sleep in a linen tent when the going gets tough, and no Goretex attire in sight!
Here kids could have their go at bowmaking from ash staves.
The camp. Tourists were quite fascinated, and righteously so. But at times I ask myself if they leave their brains at the admission point. I could not explain questions (by adults!!!) like "Are those stones that you eat?" / "Is that fire real?" / "´scuse me, where da friggin´viking camp?" in any other way. Also, it seems to be that it´s always the touries vomiting in front of the booth or camp, trespassing rules by stealing the food and showing otherwise rude behaviour. I mean, that we dress up like vikings does not mean it´s a permit to behave like a right arsehole!
A fav of mine, a replica of a viking - age toolbox, lovingly made.
We met with Dodo and Dirsit and had a nice chat and  a stroll. Both are reenactors, and we strolled the aisles. In this picture below you can see the combat attire of a viking "Huscarl" fighter. Huscarl is a modern reenactment martial art, and they really whack the shit out of each other, so armour is mandatory to prevent your body going to pieces. There were demos, too, but we were busy drooling over the great goodies at each and every booth!
The site looks over beautiful rolling hills.
Ferrets on display apparently enjoying themselves. We met with a Polish guy from Norway and had a very nice chat. Unfortunately I forgot his name, but, having his adress, no harm´s done. We really met some quality people there. The fact that I have no pictures to show from the meeting with Asrun and Alrik, tells a story of how great it was to meet them in person. We really enjoyed to share our drink with them*ggg*, and they welcomed us to the site of the Hrafnskari clan.
I was a bit dizzy when I staggered across to the Czech KOvex Ars booth, where I got me thingies;-).
The master smith himself...
... had lots of great stuff on display. I bought a knife from them years ago, and the fact that it´s still one of my fav reenactment blades tells a story! I was astonished then to see how it was made, and now, with more experience as a smith myself, I can even tell why. They are really great craftsmen, and they sell their work way too cheap.
Knives and fibula galore.
Swords and horns and shoes and belts and armour, and helmets alike, all in combat - ready quality, the blades blunted, of course, but the trade of the swordsmith is alive and well in Czechia. 
Then the sun was sinking, and two days of meetings with great people, of watching and enjoying good food, drew to a close.

It was a great weekend with viking shopping, viking drinking, meeting with viking people, and I daresay friends were made that I hope to make last.

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