Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Erich´s new lovelies;-)

 When I was down South in Prichsenstadt at Erich´s place for the weekend, I had the privilege to peruse his new lovelies, a new damascus knife and some blades. Seems the Da´ s got the bug bad,*ggg* and is now into knifemaking. I plead innocent!;-). This is a blade from the Vikingr - Kontor, a shop in Northern Germany. The blade is made from 100Cr6 ball bearing steel and tank bearing steel, 100x3mm, PHEW!
 ...and I really like the scrimshaw on the handle, reindeer antler, of course!
 And two blades... and mind you, they are bargain. Prices start at 90 € each, and they are handmade!
I think I´ll take a closer look at that shop;-) myself...

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