Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Aqua Tec aqua shoes - mocassins pleeeeaaase!

Ever since I made some shoes for reenactment I was looking for something like that, and more durable, and at a reasonable price, that does not look like you stepped into a birthday cake;-).There seem to be no mocassins on the marketplace whatsoever!

I tried some cheapo aqua shoes, but as it turns out, they came apart after only four weeks use. Now I try some different designs.

The shoes are made from neoprene with soft and thin rubber soles. They are originally made for swimming, but the soft rubber compound and soft sole make them great to use in the woods. I often walk barefoot in the woods, but when it´s warm and moisty, you spend more time removing ticks than walking, so it´s better to wear shoes;-)... Those make you stealthy enough for stalking deer, and give you a lot of control for striding across fallen trees or up inclines. The soft rubber gives you tons of traction, even when wet. When soaking wet, they still keep your feet nice and warm.

The downside is, they do not last long. But then they are not costly, only about 10 €, and I am thinking about a method to repair them or modelling a mocassin after them. No winter shoes, certainly, but I´ll try that out, too. I´ll keep you informed exactly WHEN they fall apart.;-)

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