Donnerstag, 6. September 2012

Felting experiment- a vest

 When at Erich´s place, we had some sort of an experiment... felting a vest, that is. We took Coburgian fox sheepswool. First came a layer of newspaper, then some air foil.
 Then we started to lay out the wool in one direction.
 The wool laid out.
 Pouring warm water over it.
 Do not overdo it!
 The prefelting with soap and warm water.
 The backside prefelted.
 Felting the front, right side.
 Adding more soap water.
 We felted with small rotating movements of our hands.
 like this, see;-)?
 We made the soap water with a piece of soap.
 The right and the backside ready to be felted together. Please note the unfelted wool at the sides to be connected with the main body.
 The next part.
 Then we put the air foil on the inside and connected the parts by felting the sides to the main body.
 ...more detail work.
 The magic troll, as usual, did the flimsy work... ;-)
 More felting...
 Gently applying more soap water...
 Then it was some arduous work, doing the actual felting. We wrapped the whole thing in air foil and rolled and punched it to and fro.
 The finished product, ready for a turn in the laundry, at 60 degrees Celsius.
 Rinsing away the remaining soap...
 ..and the bulletproof ballistic bastard of a vest after a turn in the laundry... didn´t quite turn out the way we wanted;-)... but it was a valuable learning process!

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