Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Korpiklaani: Rauta - A video about the Kalevala episode on how the iron became so fierce;-)

I recently bought the new Korpiklaani album "Manala" (yonder / underworld), and was fond of the song "rauta" for it has a close connection to the Kalevala, a compendium of Finnish mythology collected and interpreted by Elias Lönnrot, a physicist and collector of oral poetry and folk - lore in Finnland. There Väinamöinen, the mythological archaic seer and sorcerer, is wounded by his opponent, Joukahainen by an iron crossbow bolt. To heal his wound, he must first get to know the nature of iron. And iron in itself was first forged by Ilmarinen, the archaic smith of the Sampo and skyforger. He promised iron to be tempered in honey, beeswax and seven or nine herbs. But Hiisi´s, a trickster goblin´s bird, the hornet, brings him poison instead. The iron, which swore to never wound the hand of man beforehand after Imarinen made his promise, broke its solemn oath, and therefore bites man and becomes tapporauta (song by Korpiklaani.)

I really like the atmosphere of the song and video, even if the mastering is a little off the mark;-), for it transports the spirit of the tale quite good.

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