Mittwoch, 19. September 2012

Fanatism and the reason why I am a pacifist - a very sorry occasion to post.


This post is a very difficult one to me. There is a blogger whose blog I follow. He has many valuable thoughts and has inspired me in a way, and I want to pay him due respect before I get to the point. He is a Christian, and a patriot, and both things are good.

I like to discuss matters of religion with other beliefs. It is my way of finding the name of the deity, which bears so many that the peoples of the world fight and quarrell about them. If it has to be defined, my belief leans - and always has leant- towards natural spirituality, of which even Christianity shares many things. I have a close affinity to the Norse and Celtic ancient religions, as far as they can be reconstructed. The runes have shown me the way I am on, and it was a hard one, but one that I can still relate to. The Hávamal to me is a valuable instruction to live, but not less than the Ten Commandments. So syncretism is a criticism I must confess to. I have never claimed to be perfect, and I am a seeker as so many people out there.

Now I read on this blog [quote]:

"Allah - not so much. His followers will burn in Hell soon enough, though I wouldn't be against speeding the journey of a few million."  

I have thoroughly thought about it, and even contemplated removing his blog from my reading list. As an educated German, that certainly hit a nerve with me and it made me quite aggressive, for this is an open invitation to genocide, which I can not at all tolerate. Plus, since I am to be made responsible for the content of my links, too, I HAVE to do something about it.

Now I hold this blogger in high esteem otherwise. He sometimes is a wise man, and a real man speaking his word. He wants to be loved, he is often sad, and he does a load of good for people in need. So there is a real person behind this expression of hate. And it is utter hatred that speaks out of these words, from a disciple of a religion of mercy. Pagan prejudice has it that this might be the rule with Christians, but I do not book into prejudices. 

In Pagan belief, Death and War are not put under taboo; they are a part of life. The ancient Gods of War demanded a sacrifice, and they do in these times we live in. When the call arises, I will make my stand. If it´s time, and no other solution of diplomacy, of talking and of common sense left, I will fight, with no limit and no stopping until the enemy is extinguished or I am dead. And we, other than many other beliefs, do not have the prospect of another world, but the certainity.

The ancestors had an even more rigorous stance towards war (picture from:, and a valuable article, too) ; not only were the enemies hunted to kill, but their heads were severed. They believed the head to be the seat of the soul. The heads were used as a trophy and often as a drinking vessel. This was made to enslave the soul of the opponent. It is also said the ancient Irish tribes used the brain of their enemies to create the "tathlúm", a missile for the slingshot. It was mixed with mortar and calcium carbonate and painted black.
 A viking sacrificial custom dedicated to the thundergod Thor was the "Blood Eagle" custom. The victim was hit with an axe from behind and the ribcage was severed from the spine, the lungs pulled out and the victim sent as a blood eagle to Thor, the pulsing lungs mimicking bloodied wings.

This is war. There is no such thing as a humanitarian warfare. It can never be. And, believe me, a global conflict is no laughing matter, and it would be better to get on even terms, before the entire habitat is destroyed. War therefore is not an alternative to me. Not at all. Education is.

Hatred leads to more hatred, and is just prone to destroy the world our children should inherit.

Respect is the key to coming close to something, if that can ever be, like a civilized warfare, for there can never be peace with mankind. Man is a creature of war and relishes in gore. Man is the Evil many fear as the Devil. Mankind CAN be good, but in its natural state it is barbarous and violent and evil.

No respect leads to barbary compared to which the aforementioned violent acts of war and sacrifice are sweetmeats. It is hard to learn respect. It means sometimes you have to fight down your own reflexes of hatred and aggression. But I believe that will pay off, for I have experienced that to be so. I am not special in any way. So, if I can write this post calmly and give the author a chance of discussion, anybody could.

I will not remove this blog from my reading list, and I will continue respecting him. For there is a real person behind this expression of fanatism.

Everyone should have his saying. I had mine, and I will not be made responsible for the saying of others.

But I sincerely hope he would read the New Testament a bit more than the old one. 

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