Montag, 29. August 2011

Holly-Wood Star:-)- Elderberry jelly with rowan and sloe

 Made some jam agam, erm, jelly, that is;-). I started to prepare the elderberries by stripping them with a fork. An old neighbour of mine who runs a restaurant showed me that trick. It makes the job for this impatient guy here almost bearable. I sorted out the dry and the green ones (They contain a huge amount of Cumarine and might interfer with Phenprocumon medicaments against bloodclotting, please consult your doctor before you make elderberry jam).
 Some result after five minutes work...
 Bad photo of the rowanberries. The photo of the sloe was even worse, so no sloe, woe is me;-). It´s crucial that you deep - freeze them before using them. Alternatively you can let them rest in a vinegar / water emulsion for three days to take out the bitter taste.

500 g elderberries,
500 g pectinous sugar or honey,

100g sloe (one handful)
100g rowan berries (one handful)

Cook elderberries in their own juice for about five minutes on a low heat. Add the pectinous sugar. Add the rowan berries and the sloe. Cook on a low heat for about half an hour, while constantly stirring. Then squash the berries to a thick mousse. Strain everything through a sieve. If you are the type, you can add a shot or two of  fruit schnapps or rum before
filling in sterile vacuum jars. Those I had at hand were not working properly, so I added a sheet of cellophane, a tip from my old mother, but without turning them upside-down. We´ll see how it works... I am a bit sceptical....
The jelly tastes great in my opinion due to the sweet elderberries and the somewhat tartly rowan and sloe. Might not be to everyone´s liking, though.

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