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Montag, 8. August 2011

Hammer- In at the Industriemuseum Ennepetal-Gorgeous FUN!!!!

 Sunday it was "work" at the Industriemuseum Ennepetal again. Willi dropped by, Daniel (Beché;-)), Rolf with a friend of his, and myself.We lit the forge a little bit later than usual, but no harm done.
 Grinding mayhem, and what may come out?;-)
 This is the knife Willi made last time, now tempered and polished and etched in Vinegar. It´s made from silver steel and I like the Hamón....
 A knife by Rolf, loosely  modelled after the Nessmuk design. 100Cr6 steel with a reindeer antler handle... sweet!
 Rolf and Daniel forging a prybar for breaking out of the bedlam.... I had to confuse their guardian meanwhile with my gibberish;-) to distract him. No, honestly, I did...;-).
 This is one of Rolf´s hammers. And the battered one below is mine;-).
 A tomahawk Rolf made from an old locksmith´s hammer. C 60.
 And now, say one thing for Willi, and one thing only, say he´s completely gone off his rocker now. I could not quite make out what he wanted to do with this length of C 45 steel, but I soon learned what it was all about...
 Punched a hole in it....
 ....and made himself a felling axe... tempered and sharpened, so sharp in fact that it cuts paper...

 The axe in total....
 But also hats off to Daniel, who made this flower stand for the balcony... the "little" one makes a hell of a progress....
 A skinner blade Rolf made from 100Cr6...
 And a tomahawk we made together, two brutes with sledge hammers and Rolf. Guess who the brutes were;-).
 Daniel made this nailforging tool. Might be there are some out there more beautiful, but it will do the job, and Daniel was righteously proud of his achievement.
 Made two Kopis blades myself. The top design you might be vaguely familiar with;-). It´s made from plain spring steel and has a Hámon. Below is one made from Zwissler seven-bar damascus...
This one is one of the seven dwarves, made by Willi. It´s made from Zwissler "monster" damascus, a billet from a world record attempt Matthias made in 2004 (2,4 to of damascus billet) with Norbert Bahls and Joachim Wirtz.

We had quite a laugh working together with funny folks, spreading the fire together and doing what we like. Had a coffee and a piece of cake even, and Rolf brought some towels for each one of us as a gift... nice guy, Rolf....;-)

Another strenuous day, but a perfect day nonetheless.


  1. Lookls like time well spent with good folk.

  2. Very interesting & great work.

  3. It was a very nice day indeed, and I feel privileged for it! Thanks for your kind words, I thrive on them!;-)


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