Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Fun day at the Bethaus smithy

 On Sunday I dropped by at Volker´s to lend him a hand and doing some forging myself. There were a lot of kids again having fun with fire and steel;-).
 Daddy was righteously proud of little sonny...
 You might be familiar with one of those pictures, but this is Volker again, forging a snake;-).
 Blades near the fire;-).
 More kids, proud of their achievements!
 And those were this knife.... (made from mild steel with no edge as a toy...
 and this snail...
had some fun myself. Top: Spring steel, the preform of a Dussak,

Below: Seven bar damascus Kopis knife.

Below: Seven bar damascus utility

Below: Tempered the little Rune-engraved utility. File steel.

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