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Mittwoch, 3. August 2011

Fun day at the Bethaus smithy

 On Sunday I dropped by at Volker´s to lend him a hand and doing some forging myself. There were a lot of kids again having fun with fire and steel;-).
 Daddy was righteously proud of little sonny...
 You might be familiar with one of those pictures, but this is Volker again, forging a snake;-).
 Blades near the fire;-).
 More kids, proud of their achievements!
 And those were this knife.... (made from mild steel with no edge as a toy...
 and this snail...
had some fun myself. Top: Spring steel, the preform of a Dussak,

Below: Seven bar damascus Kopis knife.

Below: Seven bar damascus utility

Below: Tempered the little Rune-engraved utility. File steel.


  1. I must try & get back into this one day. Good post, very enthusing.
    Keith aka Le Loup.

  2. Another productive day. Great to see all of those kids catching the bug. Your blades are coming along nicely. Keep the progress shots coming.

  3. @Keith: You´re welcome... and it means a lot to me to enthuse you folk... thanks!
    @hillsmithy: Some progress shots are already online!


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