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Montag, 8. August 2011

On the bench these days;-)

 This is the little damascus utility I made at Volker´s smithy. It´s made from Zwissler seven-bar damascus, tank cannon, tank bearing and 1.2842. Blade is 9,5 cm long. The handle is made out of some wood Viktor gave to me: 250 year old oak that lay submerged in rusty water in an abandoned iron mine. It is hard as metal (you can carve fir wood with it...;-)), polishes like a cinch and I love the red colour it shows.
 Top is the Kopis I made in the Industriemueum smithy on Sunday, polished and with the bolster fitted.
Etching detail of the damascus pattern. Yap, those ARE slag marks in there, and YAP, I am NOT proud of it;-). I look forward to the knife nonetheless. I think I will fit a handle of the red bog oak Viktor gave to me and do some knotwork carving or spiral patterns on it... but we will see...


  1. Both knives look good to my eyes, and I like the handle.

  2. Good one.

  3. That is beautiful, you are definitely a craftsman.

  4. Nice looking pair of knives Markus. I like that Oak! I have used Bog Oak, whick is black from being submerged in acidic waters for thousands of years, but never the red version of it! You're a lucky devil :-)

  5. @joel: It´s a local variety, so to speak;-). There are many mines around the Bethaus, and the oak comes out of a long abandoned shaft only recently restored for public recognition. Don´t know how Viktor came by it, but then he is a Russian, and that means he is somewhat resourceful;-). Seems I have somewhat gained his respect, and that matters even more to me than the privilege to work with the material. But that means another responsibility for my work, and I am not so content with the results as always.

    But maybe I am just being stubborn. It means a lot to me that you all appreciate this as much as you do, and it is very much welcome for I hope to contribute something to this network and do something good apart from boosting my ego...;-)



Now go on, discuss and rant and push my ego;-). As long as it´s a respectful message, every comment is welcome!

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