Montag, 8. August 2011

On the bench these days;-)

 This is the little damascus utility I made at Volker´s smithy. It´s made from Zwissler seven-bar damascus, tank cannon, tank bearing and 1.2842. Blade is 9,5 cm long. The handle is made out of some wood Viktor gave to me: 250 year old oak that lay submerged in rusty water in an abandoned iron mine. It is hard as metal (you can carve fir wood with it...;-)), polishes like a cinch and I love the red colour it shows.
 Top is the Kopis I made in the Industriemueum smithy on Sunday, polished and with the bolster fitted.
Etching detail of the damascus pattern. Yap, those ARE slag marks in there, and YAP, I am NOT proud of it;-). I look forward to the knife nonetheless. I think I will fit a handle of the red bog oak Viktor gave to me and do some knotwork carving or spiral patterns on it... but we will see...

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