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Montag, 29. August 2011

Salvia tea prep...

Dried the salvia leaves and ground them for tea. They are good in summer to cool you down and in winter against bronchitis and the cold. Also makes for a good spice in the mediterranean kitchen, or for preparing deer and wild pig roasts.


  1. I love to use salvia as an incense. It has a stong detergent effect. I use it along with dried juniper berries and lavender :)

  2. If I would burn incense or use any open fire at the moment, I would provoque a firedamp explosion for all the dust in the air...8-) But I have done that, too, but without the juniper berries, but with copal instead.;-) Thanks for the hint!! Have to collect some juniper berries and twigs anytime soon!


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