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Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2012

Check. This. Out.

I stumbled across this blog here.

If you do not shy away from thinking, and thinking consequentially and even radically, this might be the cake.

There is also the "dark mountain project". Its manifesto you can read here.


  1. Impressive.... For now I have no other word for it, for the contents and their meaning have to sink in... So I can re-read it..

  2. Thanks for pointing this out Markus. I have had a quick look around and the latest post does sadly ring a lt of bells: only today, one of my client said his "blue badge" which allowed in to park closer to shops etc, and his benefits had been stopped. He can barely walk any distance, can only use one hand, the other arm being paralysed, he looses his balance all the time, and the doctors say they can't operate due to the high risk of heart attack. And that's the people this governement is attacking, because they are easy targets. They want them to go back to work: there is hardly any work and employers won't employ disabled people. Makes me very angry. :-(

  3. @Ron: It´s the same with me. I have to read more. For now it rings a bell as big as a football square with me, and some of those posts and parts of the manifesto I could have said myself-and have done so in this blog. But I have a suspicion towards any organization... so I need more info.

    @Joel: The post in question actually made me angry, too. What comforts me not only a tiny bit is that other people are angry, too, and, however feeble and fragile any effort may be (or so we are led to believe), they actually do something, if only for their own mental health. It is no secret that this society drives people mad and we need an alternative. I will not book in to it without further ado, but it got my mind racing.


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