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Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2012

Sarouel pants for the woods...;-)

The magic troll is constantly pumping out one work of art after the other, when stitching and needlework (and many other crafts, by the way)  are concerned.I am all crap with the needle, so I decided to put up to the challenge (which is none at all;-)) and stitch my own. This is a Sarouel pants I made, for I decided I would rather not wear some wraparound fisherman pants as often, and the scheme I thought up was quite simple. In fact I decided upon sewing the parts together only when I was making a wraparound fisherman pants and the parts simply seemed to fit. In other words, just felt like it;-), deciding otherwise, that is. It´s made from soft cotton, 3/ 4 length, with elastic waist and leg bands, and comfy to boot. I tend to wear garments like these more and more, even in the woods, simply feels lighter and does not compromise anything. I learned a lot by making it, and this is an aspect of bushcraft often overlooked: If you can make a trouser yourself (and it´s made without any sewing machine with 120 m of yarn) you can also repair it in the woods or try to make clothing in the bush. To me, it is also an expression of a lifestyle and a stand I make;-).


  1. You do realise your devoted readers will require photographic evidence of you using the sarouel pants in the woods...:-)) And would they not get caught up on a bike? They look comfortable though.

  2. @joel: I do realise, and I will meet your requirements.;-) I am currently sewing a toga*ggg*, too, to go with the pants...and will then post photos of me making a goof out of myself;-).

    On a bike they will be all crap, and I do not wear them, for when mountainbike riding it could be dangerous, for you need unrestricted capability to move back and forth in the saddle... but for hiking and stumpsitting, "yoga"(or whatever you could call the funny luxations I do;-)) and martial arts training (which also takes place in the woods;-)) they are great, and I have already worn them on some hikes.

    @Gorges: Thanks again... they could do with some cleaner sewing, though.


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