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Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

Industrial museum season has just started;-)-for me, that is.

It´s been a while, but I finally managed to get to the traditional hammer-in at the museum smithy to meet with Willi and Daniel, and we had a ball as always. It was raining hard, and I got the flu, so I went there by bus. Blimey, I was on the road for one and a half hour. I get there by bike in one! Funny. I was a bit late for that, but no harm done. I forged this celtic belt chain. Mild steel. The rings I made myself, by simply wrapping around a piece of round stock.
 Daniel forged this leaf and a hook. The bronze finish he applied by brushing with abrass brush while the material was still hot.
 Willi had his knives and hatchets and mini-axe-jewellry on display. Those little thingies sell like hotcakes!
 I simply like Willi´s craftsmanship, and he´s always inspiring me.
 This knife was his first attempt at forging with an air hammer. Silver steel, integral, and polished to a high lustre. Note those bronze fittings, very neat. The sheaths he also makes.
 Here he forges a "dwarf blade"... I look forward to seeing it when it´s done!
 ...the blade.
 And he set out to forge a chain himself. Seems it´s also working the other way round;-).

 I made a dragon head knife, a seax, a chain, ground my dragon head kopis / En - Nep and a leaf handle blade...
 ...and made this "tactical" Thor´s hammer to wear as a pendant. File steel, can be used as a striker and for other purposes, too (bottle opening*ggg*, and those tactical-minded folks of you out there might also think of other purposes*ggg*)

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