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Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Pimp my staff- Orgonite Orgone module and some encrustation work on my wood spirit hiking staff

 I had this staff out of yew that served me well for years standing about and I figured it could do with some change. ;-)
So I fitted these ingredients into a hole I drilled into the end. A copper tube filled with felted raw wool / steel wool atop a bit of steel wool, fixed with resin. Atop the module I fitted a crystal I had lying around. The ferrule will go on top, and I will fit copper wire spiral inlays into the handle as well as Haematite "super" magnets, as soon as I come across some that fit and that I can afford, plus some amber. As is, there is a mild effect (it warms in the hand but does not affect water trickles).
I fitted a tiger´s eye agate into the brow of the wood spirit, and some moonstone shards in a light milky green colour for eyes. There will be some blood agates fitted at the sides and the backside, too.



  1. I like wooden sheaths. I have yet to make one though! I have made wood inserts into leather sheaths though and I feel they are much safer whilst being carried. And that birch wood has a beautiful grain.

    Markus, would you consider removing the "comment verification" thing from your blog? I found some of the words practically unreadable and the numbers are even worse. Some bloggers have even given up making commments because of the difficulties in reading those words.

  2. I hope it works, I just removed the comment verification.
    I love birchwood burl myself... my sheaths out of wood tend to be a bit ...ummm... top heavy?*ggg*... this one´s coming along nicely, though.


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