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Dienstag, 12. Juni 2012

Birchwood sheath for my little hadseax

The sheath I made for my trusty little hadseax does not keep the knife in as well. Now it´s a great knife and I want to carry it, so i decided upon making one out of birchwood burl. Nothing unusual, I just made the outer form with axe and knife and some sanding paper, split it in two by batoning, hollowed out one side, glued the mess together and riveted it with a hollow pin (not on the photo). Now I will make a leather upper with a flap or something more fancy;-)...


  1. I like wooden sheaths. I have yet to make one though! I have made wood inserts into leather sheaths though and I feel they are much safer whilst being carried. And that birch wood has a beautiful grain.

    Aaaargh..I think I've written this in the wrong post too. My apologies.. B*****y word verification, unreadable numbers!

  2. Yes!! Working...Thanks Markus. I must say, I haven't had any problems since getting rid of it myself. We can always remove any un-savoury, un-wanted comments!!

  3. Don´t have no problems with the comments-I can always be nasty myself;-)in turn, no really I can...

  4. Indeed! That might be the better deterent!


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