Mittwoch, 17. August 2011

YAPMR;-)-Yet another plum mousse recipe...


a cartload;-), i.e. 500 g of wild plum
a cartload of refined sugar or honey
100 g sloe fruit
8 cl of plum spirit
1 scroll cinnamon
1 knifetip cardomom
1 knifetip nutmeg
1 knifetip black pepper

Cook on low heat for about an hour, until reduced.
Remove the foam constantly, stir constantly.

When reduced, boil to at least 75 degrees Celsius. Add the spice.
Before filling into vacuum jars hot, add the plum spirit, stir thoroughly. When filled in, turn the jars upside down for about five minutes. Let rest to cool.
Oh, and those are some of my exploits of the last weeks: Apple gelée, blackberry jam, elderberry gelée.... winter will be rich this year, and I am right grateful for it.;-)

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