Donnerstag, 2. August 2012

NOMMM? - OMNOMNOMMNOMM!!!! - my apothecary and treasure vault

 Foraged for boletus and mugwort, and lesser plantain,and sage, lavender, marjoram, willow-herb and the like. The ´shrooms were eaten and dried (no secrets), and from the lesser plantain (plantago lanceolata, in German: Spitzwegerich) I made some syrup concoction.
First I chopped the leaves and blossoms coarsely. I added as much honey as was needed to completely cover the leaves entirely, one shot of citric acid and 2 cl of a special liqueur (mainly consisting of spruce hips, honey, lemon juice, sage, thyme, and brandy.
Now I will leave it to rest for some three days in the sun, then six weeks in the dark.
Left to right: Lavender, sage, and marjoram stored to dry.
Left to right: St. John´s wort, common yarrow, willow - herb to dry, willow herb in a cotton bag to ferment, tussilago farfara (coughwort), chamomile,
....lady´s mantle, sage, common yarrow. In the jar there´s wild garlic oil. The herbs are, for the most part, already dried, and await to be put away in tins and boxes.

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