Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

Great weekend with the loveliest person in my life;-)-Drink, Food, Foraging and falling severely in love;-)

It was a visiting-a-certain-city weekend, and I took the train to Marburg on Saturday morning. Turns out the train would not go and I was trapped on hagen Hauptbahnhof for some hours. I am currently developing a dislike towards the national railroad company... not for the constant arriving late of trains and persons, not even for me getting nicked for fare-dodging because of a misinformation by sales staff personal (I cannot prove, obviously, for who always has a lawyer by his side?), but for the general atmosphere of "if you don´t like it, go by car" and "whadayawantfucker" (quotation of one staff person when I asked why those trains are constantly arriving late and why I should tolerate either constantly missing important deadlines or taking two trains earlier (meaning two hours travel time for a distance I can cover in 1,5 h by bike). Rant over and out, but I was eager to get to Marburg and was kept two hours. I arrived in Marburg after the obligatory odyssey with out-of schedule halts and other adventures I could easily do without;-). But, rant over and out, I was bound for Marburg, a lovely city and the place of the loveliest person in m life, and all was good. I arrived late, and we met at the pub for a Guiness and some great food Mrs Mondjung and the Moon Virgin had prepared. It was food and drink and good music and an extraterrestrially great evening.
It was late night when we went home, and the stars were out. The next day was nice, albeit not a sunny one, exactly, but the magic troll took her BIG knife and she meant business, so we went out foraging...
And on our way we came across this sculpture someone had made at the trailside with a chainsaw-out of the stump of a tree! Love it.
Over old hills and far away...

The magic troll with a BIG knife and a TINY ´shroom... seems to be the order... big knives and tiny ´shrooms, A! A! A! *ggg*
We came across this orchid, a Cephalantera.
And this is veronica officinalis, in German: Ehrenpreis if I am not entirely mistaken...

This is not Veronica *ggg* but a magic troll.

Delicious snails on the way X-D...

We collected quite an armful of mugwort (artemisia vulgaris). The magic troll uses this for dyeing wool and garments alike. Here she gives a perfect impression of a ghetto kid...*ggg*
We also took a look at some zombie mutant chamomile but left it be, for it had some really strange mutations... talk about growth hormones and the like... I could fit in a book full of rants now, but will leave that to another post.... the scenery was great, however.
The sun was sinking, and added some dramatics to the atmosphere;-).
Bug porn;-).

Roman chamomile.

The next day was a patio day, and I was really impressed by the magic troll´s knack for the green stuff. She grows beans, tomatos, pumpkin and a load of herbs on a very limited space, and she manages to incorporate beauty and functionality in a manner that is very subtle.

 We had a very cozy weekend, and, what can I say - I am over the top, and I simply love her. She is completely nuts;-), but so am I. I am glad to have met her. Period.*ggg* 

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