Donnerstag, 2. August 2012

Found a knife - Boker Diablo*ggg*

Okay, this is another unlikely Fimbulmyrk tale.*ggg*

On a recent walk I found this knife, deep in the woods, off any path. I left it there first. Then I put it at the trailhead with a note for the owner to find it. Then I put it on the ladder of a hunting stand that was standing in the periphery and found out about the owner of the hunting area and contacted him. Noone missed this knife. I called the local police station to ask if this was okay, and they laughed at me. I was getting nervous from greed;-), but I was resolved to give the owner a chance to find his baby again. Turns out several days passed and nothing happened, so I took it home. Now it has seen some modifications ( a false edge and a more bushcrafty grind). The handle was in somewhat of a sorry state, too, as was the sheath, so I gave it a Puma sheath I had lying around (and will make one, too, but for now it will do) and polished the handle some (it has got Micarta scales). The blade is flat-ground 440C, and I like it very much.

It´s funny. I keep finding things...*ggg* the forest has always provided for me.

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