Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

A handful of summer

 Earlier this month I set out to collect what nature had on offer and really enjoyed the sun. It was a random walk along the river and into the woods. I found redcaps, boletus, willow herb, stinging nettle...
 ... a seagull some 450 km inlands from the sea(-weird!)....
 ...wild plum....
 ..bramble berries and blossom at the same time... blossom and leaves I took for tea.

 St. John´s wort for tea and body oil, more willow herb...

 ...and on and on the trail it took me to great scenery.
 I also took out my new Birka knife to give you a better photo than the lousy one from the smithy.
 The hámon came along nicely....
 This is wild carrot (daucus carota carota, in German: Wilde Möhre), indeed. Please be very careful when collecting this, for it bears close resemblance to posion hemlock. Also should you handle the leaves with care, for they can cause phytophotodermatitis (burns). The root of this plant can be harvested while still young. This one was too woody to eat.
 The red blotch in the middle of the flower hints you have the right one.

 The leaves.
 The seeds.
 And a little bug...;-)
 I came by this old wasp hive. It always amazes me how delicate and architecturally defined those fellows build their homes!
 I really took in the peace under the radiant trees, and I breathed in deeply.
 Honey-coloured agaric...
And then I found this wild pig shinbone.

It was another pleasant and radiant day under green leaves, and I came back with quite a loot and peace in my heart.

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