Mittwoch, 29. August 2012

Barbarossa Spectaculum-Medieval reenactment fair at Würzburg Marienberg castle

Drui and myself were on holiday in Prichsenstadt, the hometown of my beloved. Erich, her father, endured our strange manners for two weeks and played the host for us two. It will always amaze me how generous he was. He drove us all over the landscape, he payed for our food and drink no less;-) which amounted to summat. I cannot but express my gratefulness, and I am amazed how warmly he welcomes me as Drui´s "boy"friend, for I have not always been so warmly welcomed in my life. I tried to signal him that his generousity was not for nope, but will never be able to get on equal terms with him now, which makes me a bit uneasy. As is, I tried my best to give something back by trying to help with some work, but that was nothing compared to what he did.

But, I guess, it might be I am seen as family... which makes me both happy and wanting to panic*ggg*.
 Must I rant on what this person means to me?*ggg* I will spare you this;-). We had a great time, even if not all was roses.
 But now to business; we arrived early at Marienberg castle towering high over the ancient town of Würzburg. There was some sort of a funny incident, when some particularily witty security staff member wanted to prohibit Erich from driving up to the parking for handicapped persons. Now Erich has no permit, but anybody can see he wears an orthesis. So he just got out of the car and showed his steel brace (which, by the way, has seen its share of welding, for Erich would not stand a so-called "handicap" handicapping him. Many whole persons would have a hard time keeping up with what he does). Then it was a cinch to get up there.
 A campfire, a big horn of mead and a good smoke-that´s what makes a hard day of feasting go by;-). I love that pipe he got from a French woodturner.
 We drank some elderflower cordial lemonade and then made for a turn of the aisles.
 The high tower of the castle.
 Drui looks down on the river Main and the town of Würzburg. posing;-)...

 ...getting round the bend...

 ...and there we met with Pega and her lovely Siberian Laika, Danug.
 We had some food, meat on a stick with bannock dough and great spicing... Drooly, erm Drui could not wait... sink her teeth into the meal*ggg*...Note: never cross that woman... it might hurt*ggg*.
 ...not pretty, eh?*ggg*
 Drui and Pega had a nice chat, and I tried my best to look harmless...;-) did Danug. Face it, I normally do not like dogs much. I am all for cats, but Danug was just so cute, I could fall in love with that beastie;-).
 Towers in the sunlight, and great atmosphere everywhere.
 I met with the guy from templar´s corner, who had a load of interesting knives.
 Table cutlery from unknown carbon steel.
 A spring steel camp knife.
 Some spring steel Wulflund knives from the Czech republic.
 Lovely Birka interpretation, spring steel.
 A collection of Dusack, Saber, Seax and Celtic swords.
 Miscelaneous cutlery. All that quite certainly looked great, and I thoroughly contemplated buying some;-). this lovely short seax...

 Of course, no reenactment fair is perfect without a meeting with Jonny. We listened to his lovely and less lovely*ggg* songs and his playing on stage.
 Soon it was evening, and we had some more food and made for Prichsenstadt.
 Next day, same place! There was little traffic when we arrived, and so we drank our fill of elderflower cordial lemonade and coffee and had some more food and basked in the sun and met with Jonny again.
 By chance, Cernunnos himself came along, and I could quite sympathise with him for various reasons*ggg*.
 Then, at the booth of Aurea Mediocritas, we came across lovely pottery and forgework like this ram.

 A Birka knife. Spring steel.

 More rams.
 A pottery wizard.
 A lovely cup...
 ..and two very nice people we felt privileged to meet. We had a very nice chat, and I hope the occasion will be coming soon to meet again!
 Bottle trolls.

 And dragon head pendants.

 A corkscrew.
 Lovely cups. I got myself one.
 Now some impressions from the castle:

 Then it was back to Jonny and his artful harp of three tides: Laughter, grief, and sleep.

And then, however that came, two days were over. There are many tales untold, many photos not shown. But since they are so many, I will link a Flickr stream soon for you to browse through.

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