Mittwoch, 1. August 2012

First true knife I ever made...

 I rummaged through my attic-turned-home and came across this knife. Apart from my first tries as a child this is the first piece I ever forged (seriously). I made it 1998 or so. It is made from file steel with a rawhide wrapping. The handle feels a bit awkward, and the spiral at the end is none, but tempering is  good, and it´s a biter.
 It has a thin blade, but I have used it for several years and also harvested spruce resin with it, and even prying posed no problem.
When I forged it (with a barbecue and a vacuum cleaner*ggg* and charcoal) the tip broke off a larger knife after tempering and testing, so I reforged it into this shape, so the fuller is in a strange place;-).

I think about hacksawing that spiral off and fitting a handle to it.

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