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Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

She has done it again...:-)

I could cry.;-) No really, I could;-). I always try my best. But it turns out I am no match whatsoever for the magic troll... she made another sheath, this time for a Martiini knife for her father...

Why do I still bother at making sheaths myself? I am all crap at it;-).

Answer: Because I want to get better.;-) Life would be boring if not for some healthy challenges.

And she keeps inspiring me in many ways...too many to tell. She brings out the best in me.


  1. Aaargh....again no pictures....:-(

  2. Verrry nice celtic knot on that sheath. I like! Colouring it would have been overdone. Did I say it was very nice?

  3. She makes me envious;-) of her skills and she keeps inspiring me... not a bad thing*ggg*.


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