Mittwoch, 4. April 2012

New knives by Kai...

Kai mailed the other day to announce the forthcoming of some new knives. He tests them severely (all the like smashing ém with a sledge, testing on mild steel rods, letting ém drop on concrete and all that "void-mywarranty" stuff;-). This one´s a demi-integral from spring steel, length 20cm, blade: 9cm, spine thickness 2mm, tested 60HRC. Handle is made from fungus-infested stabilized beechwood.

And one he made for an archer. Spring steel, as above, from railroad screw clips. blade 11,5cm overall 22,5cm
  spine thickness 2mm flat grind, edge angle 25°
Handle is fungus-infested beechwood again.

Overall tested hardness 61 degrees HRC.

Boy, IS that guy making progress. You can literally watch him get better! Check out his imageshack here.

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