Donnerstag, 26. April 2012

For the living and the dead.

For the living and the dead 
(and for someone I never knew, but sincerely wish I had)

As through enchanted woods I walk,
I tread the path of moonlight
Drawn out upon the water;
And I listen to the spring breeze talk
Of times so long gone by.

Towards the twilight woods I walk,
A track leads beside mine
And the moonlit snakewound path
It leads beyond and yonder.
And thus we listen to the talk
Of spirits in the breeze.

Oh shall they smile upon our ways,
Upon our feeble deeds alive,
And may love warm their spectre hearts
In the chill wind of the void...
Maybe cattle dies, and die may man,
And every thing be doomed by death;

One thing I know that never dies;
This is the moment set in time
As in a mountain range.
And as we pause to contemplate
We see - aeons we lived, we died our deaths
And still the soul remained.

Thus for the living, for the dead
And ancestry we sing our love
Into the gentle springtime breeze
To warm the spectre´s hearts,
And duly pay the tribute
 to the ancestors beyond.

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