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Mittwoch, 11. April 2012

Looting and pillaging hike with the mad basssstard Kai;-)

 Kai called and wanted to convince me I had to go for a hike with him. After some really tough discussion I decided, ere he beat me to pulp;-), I´d rather take him out a bit;-) on a looting and pillaging hike. And what did we find-garlic mustard getting there!
 Sweet clover´s coming too!
 Periwinkle herbs, too.
 We passed by a lost place, and there was an old dumpster place behind it. This bicycle wheel had grown into the tree. The tree died. Mind you, the wheel still turned;-)...
 The place.
 We found this piece of wrought iron. Unfortunately it was rusted through and was not useable anymore.
 Steel wire.
 ...more scenery...;-)
 We then ventured to the grove, where there was birch sap waiting for us... yum, tasty and refreshing!
 This is a folding knife I had with me, a traditional German and French form, known in America as "sodbuster". This kind of blade was popular with miners in France and as a butchering knife for small game like rabbits. It has an "á virole" back lock, stag scales and brass bolsters. It´s made by Otter knives in Solingen, courtesy of Mr. Morsbach himself! The blade, unlike newer versions is made from 1.4110 steel, which is similar to 440A. Now they come in 440C. A nice and thin blade, and a perfect backup.
 Then there was a rustling in the dry leaves, and what did we see? A toad and a frog came by on their stroll;-)... strange couple, but great to see them anyway...;-)
 ...look into me eyes, babe;-)......
 I´mnotthereI´mnotthereI´mnotthere....not at all;-).
 Me not, either.....
 Another knife, one of my favourite production bushcraft knives... Otter knives again, damascus with oak scales, with a very sophisticated hollow grind.
 Collected some resin on the way home, too...
 ..and this is weird, eh? It´s spring!!!!
 Some more coltsfoot for tea...
..and then I found this treasure... Roe deer antler!

We did some 15 km, nothing big at all, and had a lot of nice chats, saw a lot of great things and came back with a loot... a perfect day in my book!


  1. A good post, good finds. A great looking place. Good images.
    Regards, Keith.

  2. Thanks, Keith! The appreciation of a bushmaster like you means a lot to me!

  3. Great pictures and Jack by the hedge (garlic mustard)is a great find..very well done!


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