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Montag, 2. April 2012

Bone knife with no tools whatoever

 I was on a stroll the other day and found a roe deer bone in the underbrush, so I wanted to try out some survival toolmaking techniques. Two sandstones and a bone were all that was at hand. I set the bone diagonally on edge on an "anvil" stone and split it with two whacks. The split smaller part I saved to make an awl later.
 This is what the bone looked like after the whacking. I then ground it on the stone.
 Dug for some fir root to make for a handle wrapping, did a quick wrapping et voilá, the finished knife, which took about half an hour to make. It actually cuts soft wood quite well, even if it´s not comparable to a steel or bronze or stone blade. I will use it as an awl and a bodkin for basketmaking.
 The knife and the awl.
I actually learned a lot in the process and hope to practice more skills like that in the future.


  1. Nice one Markus. I believe it's probable knife making started in that way. I like to imagine a couple of hairy cavemen, sitting around the fire one night, discussing the ins and out of knife making, which bone made the strongest, sharpest knife, what shape was the best for their need...I almost wish I'd been there!

    1. I WAS there.;-) Boy, do I feel old... ;-) A friend of mine said knifemaking was the second oldest trade in the world. The oldest being axemaking;-).

  2. hey bro!
    did you learn that in jail?

    you can also fire-dry an old large carrot (it will shrink!) and stuff broken glass pieces in it. perfect vor self-defence!

    a friend of mine, member of my club told me that!


    not to forget about air-dried salamies as kubotan...

    1. Yap, in jail. I paid for it with a pain up me butt;-). I know that friend well, for he is one of mine also, you tugging me beard?;-)

      I did not build this for self defence, but to see if it could be made as a tool when o tools are at hand.

      As for the salamies, you can easily carry them in public, for they come with a legal reason built in;-).

      Like this: Oi, Mr. policeman, don´t worry,I want to eat this sausage!

      -Why has it Micarta scales and a Kydex sheath?

      -To make for easy access in case I get hungrrrrrry...

      I can see the headlines-Blogger arrested for public nuisance...;-)


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