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Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

Fimbulmyrk on the Spring Exposition in Schwelm on 21st and 22nd April

More info on the expo...

(Logo courtesy of GSWS Schwelm)

I will be present with a blacksmithing booth for knifemaking and blacksmithing with children for the Bethaus smithy and my two employers... two jobs at once, tough work for sure, but I look forward to it. If you´re around these parts, you´re right welcome to the smithy! Will be standing next to big brutes with kilts;-), the Clan mac Laren friends of Germany. Already had a nice chat with Jürgen, the head chairman of the club, and we decided there´s more in that in the future;-)... watch this space! The bastard and the poet will drop by, too, and we will also have sort of a hammer - in. I hope to be able to take some pics to provide you with more tales from the fimbul realms;-).


  1. I actually hope i'm the poet and not the bastard you talk about :-D

  2. You´re the bastard poet of course*ggg*...


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