Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Wildflower seeds for sale on the flea market in Schwelm

On Sunday, the 9th of October, I am proud to announce that we will have another great project running: My employer currently merchandises wildflower seeds for public use. Those wildflowers simply look great, and they blossom like mad. In Schwelm, there are many places in parks already sown with those flowers, and that is simply a great thing, way better than those straight lines and mournful plants one is so accustomed to in german parks. Vividly yellow, orange, red, white, blue will sprout all over the entire year.

They will be available at our booth at the crossroads of Moltke and Willhelm-street in Schwelm city. Plus, there is also a botanic guide on wild plants in Schwelm written by the AGU Schwelm for sale.

It´s not Fimbulmyrk selling that, but it´s a good thing. If you want some seeds or the botanic guide (a review will follow soon on this blog), follow this link:


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