Dienstag, 4. Oktober 2011

Hardcore Sunday: Bethaus smithy AND Hammer-In at the Industriemusem Ennepetal

 Now, this was hardcore. On Sunday I had two demos: First in the Bethaus smithy in Witten, and then it was our traditional Sunday hammer-in at the Industriemuseum Ennepetal, some 20 km away. I still do not own a car:-) and was a wreck from riding and forging on Satrurday, which amounted to 14 hours of hard work and riding with a 35 kg rucksack. But I had to, and it does not hurt any that I love what I do. I could obviously live an easier life, like many others do, but what for? I am not others, I am me myself in person, even if I am not sure sometimes*ggg*. So I got my act together, braced myself, and did it. I am a bit proud of that, as you might have noticed. I first rode to Witten in the early morning, and noticed that I was singing loudly, while I rode along the bike lane. At the Bethaus, Jochen and Sylvia welcomed me warmly with sweet and delicious cake, croissant and really good-and appreciated-strong, black coffee and many kind words. I lit the forge, did the demo and some bonus forging with kids. Viktor dropped by, and we had a bit of a talk. then I cleaned up, packed my things and made for the road to Ennepetal. I rode over the hill to Gevelsberg and then to the smithy, where Willi, Rolf and Daniel had already fired up.
 Rolf had this ´hawk already mounted with an ash handle, and two others still at large:-).
 Willi´s ´hawks and hatchets again.
 Rolf´s and Willi´s products on display.
 Daniel likes BIG, and always uses the BIGGEST tool available to pound the BIGGEST chunk of steel he can find.:-)Gets a bit unnerving sometimes, and we had to have a bit of an argument over that. But he is a very ambitious apprentice and has many great ideas. He also mounted a new vise that day and did some great jobs on his current projects.

 Die-casting with kids.

 This is a tractor I liked best:-).. had to think of my fav sunflower, but then I do this most of the time these days...*ggg*
 Now THAT are cars:-).
 ... nice colour:-)...
 ...racy, eh?:-)
 Rolf is currently hitched on a hatchet habit*g. he brought along six heads of our fav production bushcraft hatchet, the Krenzer Mini. We had a lot of fun, some mad jokes, and....
 ....from out of nowhere came this violently green lime. Seems to have gotten completely lost:-). Rolf gave it to me... and I do not know if it´s a Koan or just a mad joke as usual*ggg*.
 I hammered out a better version of a torques and another leaf-handle blade out of spring steel.
 Did some torsional work on that handle...
 The leaf. messed up a tiny bit chiselling.
 This is a moonforging anvil Rolf gave to me. Thanks, bro, it´s very appreciated. Meet you on that mountaintop!
 Willi tutoring Rolf on quenching the hatchets. That´s the great thing on forging with those friendly people: We all know something, and keep learning from each other, and inspiring each other. I daresay I would not be the smith I am, if it were not for these madmen:-).
 Diamond sharpening rod Willi gave to me. I do not know for what I deserve that, you madman, but it is thoroughly appreciated, also!
And, last but not least, the kitchen knife Daniel made for melons, bacon and neighbours*g*. It´s his first big knife design, and he did a great job on that!

It was dark, when I finally crept home with a pack even more laden than before. I was a wreck... but the weekend was not over yet....:-) and I was soothed and healed all at once by the dream I had that night.:-)

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