Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

At Achim´s place: What you do not do on an electric bike:-)

Last wek I dropped by Achim´s place after work to have a chat, and I needed a new innertube, for I busted my rear one on a rocky (road ter dubbelin*ggg*, luvvlee*ggg*) no, drop, that is. We had some talking and then he brought out the bikes and had some mischief in mind. Achim  is the owner of "Drahtesel Schwelm" bikeshop and certainly knows how to put the gas down, when mountainbike riding, that is. He rides with the best of  ´em and  comes back for more:-). Of course, he is quite a friendly guy, and I know him for ages. Plus, he also partakes in the "Clever Mobil" project of my employer together with the local energy provider, AVU (Aktiengesellschaft der Versorgungsunternehmen Ennepetal). The real clincher is that you can charge your pedelec or ebike batteries with certified energy from ecologically sensible sources (wind, water, sun) in many shops while shopping or having a cuppa coffee in one of the many great cafés in Schwelm. Achim took out the bikes and had some test riding, and I brought out the camera to brag around a little how this lone ranger saves the world*ggg*. Want a test ride, too? Click here.

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