Mittwoch, 5. Oktober 2011

Bethaus smithy again: Got me a bit of psychological inflation:-)

 On Monday it was forging with children at the Bethaus smithy again. I slept a bit longer, though, and, after a breakfast for a change, I rode to Witten, lit up the forge and made this prong.
 Then the first people came by... and they kept coming back for more. Nice.:-)
 Someone:-) proudly presenting some jewellry he made with a licce help...
 Viktor was there, too, and tutored me on how to forge some tongs. I made this hatchet and a bush mini from laminate steel, too. The ones on the right he made in two heats. Beautiful. He is a true master, and I feel very privileged to have him as a mentor! He also threw me arse over everything by looking me straight into my eyes and saying:

"You have the blood."

I asked, slightly irritated: "Whassis?":-)

And then he informed me he could see souls and I had "a blacksmith´s soul". And asked me if it was true I came from an old blacksmith´s family. At least my grandfather would have been one, he said. And that was the case. Viktor can get a bit scary sometimes:-), but since I am quite accustomed to weird things like that, especially most recently, it was okay. And I was quite delighted that this master says something like that to me. Seems I have got some things right after all. I do not want to brag with that, but it was worth all those years, and will be worth every year I struggle on to get better. And I simply want to learn.

Another bush blade from ball bearing steel.

Top to bottom:

Torques from mild steel, ballbearing steel knife,
Hatchet, C 60, made from an old hammer
Leaf handled knife, spring steel,

Tongs, work hardened mild steel,
And a folding knife Viktor´s son found in the woods and that Viktor gave to me for some pink ivory I gave to him. That last one will get a new blade, with Viktor´s help and tutoring.
To the right is a plate for a chandelier Viktor made. I will complete it with a forged stand. I feel very privileged that Viktor wants me to work together with him. This is an occasion extremely rare, for he is not known to be very open towards other smith´s or apprentices even. I hope I can live up to it. And I will strive to.

I rode home in the dark again. I fell into my bed completely exhausted.

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