Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

Flying Moon- a Russian throwing axe by Mielenko

This is a Russian throwing hatchet. I did not get the correct name, but it seems, after a bit of research, that this is a traditional form after all, even if Mielenko, who made it in his usual meticulous manner, did not call it that way.  It seems that axe-throwing is pretty much a living tradition in Russia, and that the form has its roots in a viking throwing axe which in turn had its roots in the Frankish "Franziska" throwing axe. But he did not relate to that. He just made it to have some fun in his workshop,  still in Russia, where he had a wooden target set up to throw a bit in the smithing breaks. He calmly explained how he made it (it´s mild steel and high carbon spring  steel, the spike is mild carbon spring steel). While he talked, he marked a fingernail-big target on the wooden wall. We talked some more. Then, all of a sudden, so fast I could not see how, he turned, and the hatchet hit the wall, embedded the blade into the wood and hit the target. He also did that with one of his Birka all-steel knives. Fierce.

He´s currently making one for Eva, his apprentice, and I am sort of envious:-).

We had quite a nice chat again. Mielenko certrainly is another nice and wise man I had the privilege to meet, and he readily shares his secrets with me, which is a very great privilege to me. Maybe we will meet sometime soon to do some throwing together. And since he will not make me one, I think I have to do some forgework soon*ggg*.

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