Donnerstag, 26. Februar 2015

Wonderful woodturning by my goduncle

On a recent and long overdue visit to my goduncle and godauntie in Marburg he showed me some of his woodworks. He was inspired by my father to take up woodturning, and took it to another level. This is a serving platter with wonderfully made intarsia out of several hardwoods.
 A chandelier out of oak wood, wonderfully grooved.
 I really love those goblets. Oak and cherry wood.
 But what I was most fond of these composite wood and MDF goblets.
 Walnut and oak...
 MDF board...
 The handle he made out of a beef bone that went into a delicious soup.
When we started talking, he was convinced he´d give it all up, what with being 82, but after we finished talking he was not so convinced...;-). I will browse my attic for some interesting woods and look forward to what he´ll make of it! By the way, he will sell on request. Mail me and I will notify him, if you want one.

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